5 Easy Seashell Crafts to Bring the Beach Indoors

Looking for seashell crafts? If you want some easy seashell crafts, then check out this list and bring the beach into your home!

There’s nothing like watching summer draw to a close and realizing it’s going to be a full year until the sand, sun and fun is back at your doorstep. So why not try to hold on to this happy time of year by incorporating seashell themed decor in your home? So don’t sell your shells like Sally, keep them and turn them into beautiful home decor! Keep summer alive all year round with some of these seashell crafts.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to keep the warmth of summer going as long as possible. So, the last time I went to the beach I made sure I brought home some beautiful seashells so I could get started with my new beach theme project!

Beach Memory Jars

This is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your beach memories at home. Display them with labels and with pictures to capture your full beach memory.

Beach Treasure Box

An amazing storage box for your little treasures and trinkets and a perfect display for  your powder room, living room shelves or on your dresser in your bedroom.

Seashells Candle

Bring the atmosphere of glistening surf and sun-soaked sand indoors by having these seashell candles. Turn your collected seaside treasures into beautiful decorative candles. These homemade seashell candles can add a beach-inspired touch to your home. They are perfect for summer table settings and add a whimsical, romantic element to your home.

Shell Topped Bottles

Instead of throwing away your empty bottles you can turn them into a wonderful display.Add a whimsical touch to your mirror or incorporate an additional flare to your bathroom or dressing room.Shell Topped Bottles are the perfect craft idea for a beach-themed wedding. These lovely crafts are a great way to bring some natural beauty into the dcor. Pair these nautical bottles with some large shells and sand-like glitter for some tropical DIY wedding centerpieces. Or, if you prefer to make things more personal, why not put the names of your guests in the bottles? There’s no end to the possibilities with these fun wedding creations.

Seashell Planter

This is a perfect project for your broken Whelk shells so that they don’t go to waste.The Seashell planters are gorgeous with a succulent, cactus or air plant growing inside. Great for a sea themed rooms or just for some green inside. This eye pleasing planter will be sure to delight you with its fine details.