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Why Online Marketing Research?
Low Cost Due to drastically lower overhead, collecting survey data is inexpensive compared to Traditional methods.
Automation and real-time Monitoring Respondents input their own data, and it is automatically stored electronically. Analysis thus becomes easier and can be streamlined, and is available immediately.
Quick Turnaround Rapid deployment and return times are possible with online surveys that cannot be attained by traditional methods. If you have bad contact information for some respondents, you'll know it almost right after you've sent out your surveys.
Convenience for respondents They can answer questions on their schedule, at their pace, and can even start a survey at one time, stop, and complete it later.
Design flexibility Surveys can be programmed even if they are very complex. Intricate skip patterns and logic can be employed seamlessly. You can also Field Authenticators so that respondents provide only one response to single-choice questions, which cuts down on error.
No interviewer Respondents may be more willing to share personal information because they're not disclosing it directly to another person. Interviewers can also influence responses in some cases.

What are the benefits of Online Market Research?

Increase Participation Rates
       Brand the surveys and make them visually appealing
       Reminder mails to target respondents
       Participation rates are higher by 34% in Online Surveys
Reduce Costs (Time, Labor and Resources)
       Communicate economically with large groups
       Economies of scale for increasing sample size
       Overall Costs are reduced by 42% in Online Surveys
Increase Accuracy
       Eliminate Data Entry and detailed and tedious spreadsheets
       Quick Access to Actionable Information
       Detailed and customizable analytics
       Replicate events and surveys
Eco-Friendly Reduction in usage of Paper and Fuel
       Reduction in usage of Paper and Fuel


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